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The ADPS Stamp Dealers' Society is a membership organisation which operates to provide its members with information and advice on topics of philatelic interest.
In order to be able to operate, it is in the legitimate interest of the Society to collect the following information from members:
Contact details - name, address, phone number and email where applicable in order to send notices relevant to your membership and copies of our publications - Newsletter and Bulletin.
This information is stored securely, and is not shared with third parties.
The information is stored and processed for the duration of your membership.
Where membership lapses, we will continue to retain membership details until we receive notice of termination, or for a period of one year - which ever is shorter.
If you have any concern about the way we handle your information, please contact our Secretary and inform us of it.
We will do our best to satisfy your concerns, within the parameters of the operation of the Society.

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