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Stylised version of me!

I'm not going to share too much about me, on the grounds that the only people who are likely to be reading this page will know me already. That said, I suppose there's a chance that those nice people at Google, or those of their ilk, will find me. That being the case...

I'm Dave. I live in Derbyshire. I write about local history, in particular the railways around Derby. A lot of my time is taken up as Coordinator for the Midland Railway Study Centre and Secretary of the Midland Railway Society.

Otherwise, I like drinking real ale, I like taking photographs, more recently from the air thanks to the wonderful DJI Mini range of drones (currently the Mini 3 Pro). From time-to-time I may have the urge to showcase some of my recent pictures on this site. [OK, so there's a challenge — see below 13NOV2023]. Meanwhile, I really enjoy tinkering with computers... though these days my enthusiasm is limited to Apple devices and MacOS (not putting a link there, you can work that one out!).

I am also a big fan of the Boston Red Sox.

My Blog: "Random Discourtesies". Starting out slowly with a lot of self-indulgent tosh (aren't most blogs?). Read if you wish, but don't take it seriously.

A work in progress, but here is my Family Tree. It may interest you to know it was created using "Reunion for Mac" software.

The Derby Area Signalling project - the history of mechanical signalling on the railways in and around the Derby and Burton areas of the UK.

Anyone interested in the Midland Railway will just love the Midland Railway Study Centre.

My holiday diaries (some might call them “blogs” !) are on line at Are We There Yet - an excellent cure for insomnia.

The last vestiges of the now defunct Willington Web Site - once the definitive site for the village in Derbyshire which I call home - until I ran out of time to maintain it. The two most popular pages remain on line for visitors to find.

Finally, indulge me in a little side-rant, if you will... You'll notice this page has a background texture. I know that is regarded as “So 1990s” these days, but I happen to like the look. Consequently, all the sites that I am responsible for what passes for design has this feature. Live with it World! It could be worse, I could still include an Under Construction animated gif 🤓

Tweet me @Crepello012 Not any more! Ever since that tw*t Musk screwed the thing up, I'll have no more to do with it.

a view of the River Derwent at Derby taken from Exeter Bridge with the River Gardens and the Council House to the right. Most striking is the pink anvil-shaped cloud.

Last update: Thursday, 16 November 2023