Willington Power Station Gallery

All photos by Dave Harris

These photos were taken by me over the years. I never bothered to take “normal” photographs of the power station, thinking it would be there forever! (A familiar mistake in local history). Instead, I only ever seemed to take “arty-farty” views, so please bear with me! That said, the power station always looked its best at night.

A view along Twyford Road with the detail of the power station dominating Night time view of the distant power station, back-lit by the last vestigaes of the sunset Cooling towers silouetted in a black & white image Power station in the distance with the green of Trent Avenue  & Twyford Close inthe foreground. Taken through chain link fencing, the sun is in the background, almost lost in the haze of the power station The power station is in the distance with the glow of the sun just about to rise behind it View across the cleared expanse of the former railway sidings at Willington Power Station

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First written = July 2002
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Dave Harris