Twisted Yoga 200 Hours

Teacher Training

May - November 2020

We are accepting applications for Twisted Yoga’s 200 Hours 

Teacher Training Course, which will run from May - November 2020.

This course is open to any person over the age of 18, who wishes to become a fully qualified yoga teacher, certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Led by Senior Teacher Nighean Hardie, this course will encompass seven weekend modules, held in either of our North London studios (Bounds Green & High Barnet), and a week long retreat in Essaouira, Morocco. Participants will also be required to undertake at least 10 hours of home study per month, and maintain a regular yoga practice. An unlimited membership to Twisted Yoga’s two studios is included in the price of the package.

Core Subject Areas:

    History Of Yoga & Yoga Philosophy

    Anatomy & Physiology 

    Practice: Pranayama, Meditation & Asana

    How To Teach Yoga

Styles Of Yoga:

    Vinyasa Flow

    Hatha Yoga

    Restorative Yoga

    Yoga Nidra

History Of Yoga & Yoga Philosophy

In this module we will study the history and development of Yoga, from it’s earliest incarnations through to our modern day practice.

As well as studying the classic texts, including The Upanishads, The Bhagavad-Gita, The Yoga Sutras, and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, we will explore how the philosophies underlined in these texts relate back to our teaching and practice of yoga, and how the subtle body is affected by our yoga practice.

Anatomy & Physiology

This module will teach about the skeletal system, the muscular system, the organs of the body and the endocrine and nervous systems. 

We will also study the range of movement of the body, the importance of proper alignment in yoga postures, and how yoga affects the body and nervous system.

Yoga Practice

Our studies of the practice of yoga will include developing a regular meditation and pranayama practice along side a structured, regular home asana practice. Trainees will also be expected to attend at least 2 yoga classes per week throughout the length of the course, and an unlimited practice membership Twisted Yoga’s studios is included in the course fee.

The Asana practice will encompass vinyasa flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

How To Teach Yoga

We will take an in-depth look at 79 yoga postures, and learn how to demonstrate and teach them, and how to provide adjustments through verbal cues and appropriate physical adjustment. 

We will also study the use of breath, dristi, the bandhas, and develop the use of vinyasa to flow between postures, as well as learning how to structure and sequence both a vinyasa flow yoga class, and a month long curriculum of classes. We will also consider the class environment, ethical teaching practices and etiquette in class.

Certification & Pre-requisites

Participants wish to undertake teacher training must be over 18 years old, and need to have been regularly practicing yoga for at least two years. Upon successful completion of the course and assessments, participants will be a fully qualified yoga teacher, provided with a certificate, and be able to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Course Requirements

All participants must attend and complete all seven training weekends (Sat & Sun 8am - 6pm), and the week long Training & Assessment Retreat in Essaouira, Morocco. Trainees will also be required to observe  and assist classes at Twisted Yoga’s studios.

All participants must undertake the home study specified in the course (approx 10 hours per month), and complete written exams on History & Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology, Teaching Yoga and Yoga Postures, as well as undertaking a practicum assessment of their teaching, sequencing and adjustment abilities, by teaching a class in which all course participants will practice.

Participants will also be required to develop a structured, regular home practice, encompassing pranayama, meditation and asana, and (if applicable) attend at least 2 classes per week at Twisted Yoga’s studios in either High Barnet or Bounds Green. (Free Unlimited Membership is included in the course fee).

All participants must comply with the code of conduct at all times, more details of which can be found


UK Course Dates:

(Held at our High Barnet or Bounds Green Studio)

16th & 17th May

27th & 28th June

11th & 12th July

1st   &  2nd August

12th & 13th September

19th & 20th September

17th & 18th October

Training & Assessment Retreat:

31st Oct - 7th November (Essaouira, Morocco)

All Weekend Courses

Saturday & Sunday

8am - 6 pm

Investment: from £2850 

Early Bird Prices & Payment Plans Available

Non-refundable £500 deposit required for registration

Cost Includes:

Cost Excludes:

Teacher Training Manual

All UK Weekend Courses

Accommodation & Food in Essaouira

Transfers From & To Essaouira Airport

Certificate Of Successful Completion

Unlimited Practice Studio Membership

Full Support Throughout The Training

Food, Travel & Accommodation for UK Weekend Courses

Flights To & From Essaouira, Morocco

Books & Texts For Required Reading

Course Analysis By Subject Area

Home Study Hours

Whilst this is called a 200 Hour Teacher Training Course, trainees will be also required to undertake home studies of about 10 hours per month, attend at least 2 class observation sessions, and assist as a trainee teacher in at least 2 yoga classes. Therefore the combined total amount of study time anticipated to complete the course will be about 260 hours.

95% of the in class teaching and training will be conducted by Senior Teacher Nighean Hardie, with additional teaching by Anatomy & Physiology specialist Sue Tyler.

In addition, participants will be required to maintain a regular home practice, and attend at least two classes per week at Twisted Yoga studios where applicable.

Required Reading List:

The Light On The Yoga Sutras - BKS Iyengar

The Upanishads

The Bhagavad-Gita

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

The Science Of Yoga - Ann Swanson

Instructing Hatha Yoga - Kathy Lee Kappmeier

Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses - Sage Rountree

The Gifts Of Imperfection - Brene Brown

Recommended Reading List:

Do Your Om Thing - Rebecca Pacheco

How Yoga Works - Geshe Michael Roach

The Secret Power Of Yoga - Nischala Joy Devi

Awakening The Spine - Vanda Scaravelli

The Spirit & Practice Of Moving Into Stillness

                                            - Erich Schiffmann

The Little Book Of Hindu Deities - Sanjay Patel

Terms & Conditions

A £500 non-refundable deposit is required to enrol on the course, and the course fees must be paid in full before commencement in May. Payment plans are available on request.

The course fee is non-refundable if the participant fails to complete the course, except in the case of severe illness or injury.

Participants will be required to attend all 7 Training Weekends and the week long Training & Assessment Retreat in Essaouira in order to successfully complete the course. Should a participant be unable to attend one of the training weekends, a personal training day session can be arranged for an additional fee of £200, at Twisted Yoga’s discretion. 

All participants will be required to purchase their own flights to and from Essaouira, Morocco, in order to arrive at the villa by 7 pm on Saturday 31st October, and depart the villa at 11 am on Saturday 7th November. Return flights from Stanstead are recommended, and Twisted Yoga will provide transfers from and to Essaouira airport for the arrival and departure of the Saturday Stanstead flights.

Participants will be required to successfully complete the exams and assessments outlined in the timetable in order to complete the course and qualify as a teacher. If any participants fail to achieve a suitable pass rate on any of the exams or the teaching assessment, they will be provided the opportunity to retake the exam or assessment, at no extra cost. Should the participant fail any exam or assessment a second time, an extra fee of £150 will be payable for personal mentoring before retaking the exam.

Participants will be eligible to purchase trainee teachers insurance from Yoga Alliance for £15, which will cover them for liability whilst teaching as a trainee teacher before qualification. This will be required if any participant wishes to take the opportunity of teaching classes as a trainee at Twisted Yoga studios. These classes will be offered to trainees at the Senior Teacher’s discretion.

Code Of Conduct

Participants must arrive at least five minutes before the start of each training session, and at the start of each session after the lunchtime break. Late admittance will only be allowed at the teacher’s discretion, and late arrival to any day on the training weekends may result in disqualification of that day’s training, at Twisted yoga’s discretion, and will therefore require an extra personal training day at the additional cost of £200, in order to successfully pass the module.

All participants must wear suitable clothing in order to both practice and study, and must observe a strict code of personal hygiene, in respect for themselves and other participants. This includes the excessive use of strong smelling perfumes.

No shoes are allowed in the yoga studios.

No mobile phones are allowed in the yoga studios, and phones left in the reception and changing areas must be switched to silent.

All participants will treat the teachers, staff and their fellow students with kindness and respect at all times.

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